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All3Media America is equipped with a full deck of AMA/Digital Ingest stations, over 50 offline edit bays (each loaded with the latest editing software including Avid and the visual effects program, Sapphire; along with additional programs as/if needed such as Final Cut, Adobe, Office, etc.), 10 story producer stations (with Avid), 3 online and color correction suites (Symphony), and a full audio mixing bay equipped with Pro Tools.  We also operate with a powerful Editshare media storage system that allows us to seamlessly integrate multiple editors into a single project, and multiple projects through a single editor. In addition to the above, we have a valued, professional and personal partnership with one of the long time industry leaders in technical support (available 24/7 via phone, email and on site) and rental services in Christy’s Editorial if any additional technical support, equipment, hardware or software is required. 


All3Media America is truly set apart by our editorial experts who have mastered the most advanced post-production techniques with a traditional touch, fostering the essential creative environment to suit your project’s needs, and an experienced Post Management Team that is truly the best in the business.


We look forward to supporting, providing, advising, working together, and creating magic with you!

All3Media America’s state-of-the-art post-production facilities offer a comprehensive post-production package: offline and online editing, color correction and audio mixing services.

Located just minutes from LAX in Culver City, All3Media America’s two floor, 50,000 sq. ft. facility is fully equipped with the latest in digital technology and staffed with an award-winning creative team of editors, assistant editors, sound designers and visual effects artists, as well as the best Post Management Team in town.  We offer a unique turn-key approach that keeps all facets of post-production under one roof, which allows us to maximize creative while minimizing costs.


Adaptability and flexibility are two of All3Media America’s post-production core principles, which allow us to run any non-linear editing platform in our facilities.  Being such a versatile company, we have the ability to meet every demand of tape and tapeless workflows. 

All3Media America also offers a full service Music Department that works with cutting edge composers and songwriters to create unique, branded themes and stylized custom music, as well as an in house sound effects library, licensed for worldwide usage in perpetuity for any All3Media production, containing over 10,000 various SFX.


We have created a standard that has allowed us to uniquely develop a beginning-to-end tapeless workflow, which places a priority on maintaining image fidelity from acquisition through final delivery. Our media servers utilize high bandwidth connections that are capable of handling large volumes of footage, music, and sound effects, which allow All3Media America to provide one of the industry’s most comprehensive post-production experiences.

What We Provide

All3Media America Post Production


Andre Dennis
Post Production Manager

John Heppe
Technical Supervisor

Nick Thomas
Facilities Coordinator